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"The 'dialogical self' is among the most important and original new theories in the social sciences in the past 20 years" (Jeffrey Arnett, Clark University).


The newly established Dialogical Self Academy is part of a worldwide

network of researchers, teachers, and practitioners who are inspired by

the Dialogical Self Theory. This theory has, since its inception, found its way

rapidly into scientific literature, education and practice in more

than 45 countries. The Academy will be a centralized gathering

place for training and for exchanges between researchers, teachers and

practitioners who would like to enrich each others' ideas, insights on

both personal and professional levels. The keywords "multi-voiced",

"dialogue", and "responsibility" are highly regarded by the Academy. We

have developed a number of new methods and practices in recent years that

meet at the junction of self and society. The core idea is that a turning

point can be achieved when an internal and external dialogue enrich each

other in dyadic, group, team, cultural or organizational contexts. The

Academy would like to contribute to making society more dialogical and

develop powerful dialogues within the self of the individual person and with others

in a democratic society. As well, the Academy provides methods that prepare

people for active citizenship in a boundary-crossing society.

This is made possible though the application of methods and practices

and by offering theory-guided training programs.

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- See more at: http://dialogical.test.silverbee.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=233&Itemid=383&lang=nl#sthash.Nt6gVveO.dpuf


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