Collaboration with other organisations

The DSA was established in 2015 as a non-profit organization and is actively looking to collaborate with other organizations in order to learn as much as possible from each other and develop new projects in the area of education, research and practice.

IN THE NETHERLANDS the following collaborations are taking place:

-ZKM Vereniging (SCM Organization): a professional organization for the application of the Self-Confrontation Method (SCM). The ZKM is one of the methods that is part of our methods collection.

-Tilburg University where prof. dr. Rens van Loon is the head of the“Dialogical Leadership” chair. There is also collaborations with the developmental psychologist prof. dr. Jaap Denissen.

-Radboud University of prof. dr. Toon van Meijl who applies the DST in the area of cultural anthropology and with prof. dr. Frans Wijsen who applies DST to interreligious contacts.

-University Utrecht where dr. Annerieke Oosterwegel brings DST to education.

-The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Athabasca University (Canada’s online university) where dr. Reinekke Lengelle applies DST to a combination of writing for personal development and career writing.

-University of Groningen where prof. dr. Hetty Zock and dr. Marjo Buitelaar work together and apply DST to theology and culture

- University of Humanism where prof. dr. Hans Alma does research on globalization. 


-The Dialogical Self Academy focuses primarily as a training centre for methods and practices inspired by Dialogical Self Theory and works closely with the International Institute for the Dialogical Self that functions as a knowledge- and development centre.

-International Society for Dialogical (ISDS), that brings researchers together who have published in an International Journal for Dialogical Sciences (IJDS). The ISDS organization a conference bi-annually about the dialogical self – each time in a different country: Netherlands (2000), Belgium (2002), Poland (2004), Portugal (2006), The United Kingdom (2008), Greece (2010), US (2012), The Netherlands (2004), Poland (2016) and Portugal (2018).

-Because many colleagues want to publish their work in international journals, the Academy works with three journals in particular: Journal of Constructivist Psychology, Culture and Psychology, and Theory and Psychology. In order to bring this work into practice, Hubert Hermans is a member of the editorial board of each of these magazines. He is associate editor of Journal of Constructivist Psychology, for the section Dialogical Self Theory. The articles around the dialogical self are some of the most cited in these three journals.

For a summary of cooperating people and organizations in other countries see World Wide.

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